Preventative, Weight Loss and Balanced Intake

Want to get back on track and lose some pounds, gain some muscle, or optimize your performance in a hobby activity?  I provide personalized counseling, programs to reset your relationship with food, personalized meal planning into macro and micronutrient levels and even nutrition DNA testing to help you determine your perfect nutrition prescription.

We focus on whole food based solutions for most clients, but all our clients who still enjoy meals away from home while finding sucess in a new lifestyle.  Amy is certified in Obesity and Weight Management from the CDR. 

For a limited time we are offering Metabolic Testing for Free or $50 to help you get off that weight loss plateau and truly find out what your personalized metabolic calorie needs are measured.  The numbers estimated in meal tracking apps can be off by as much as 300-400 calories, which makes huge different in achieving your goals!


Gastrointestinal Issues

This may include diagnosis such as IBS, IBD, Gastritis, GERD/relflux, and celiac disease. Do you have bloating, pain, gas, diarreha, constipation, or a variety of symptoms.  Identifying and eliminating foods that trigger conditions.  Learn how to integrate food, meal ideas and more into your new daily routine.

Customized nutrition interventions that incorporate your clinical data, nutritional intake, and lifestyle to ensure a feasible and nutritionally adequate plan to manage GI symptoms.  Did you know that some self imposed elimination diets can result in severe food restriction and sometimes malnutrition?  I'll help you navigate through this challenge to see success and decrease in symptoms.

Not enough? We can set you up with a stool test to check the biodiversity of your microbiome and recommend strain specific pharmaceutical grade probiotics to help get things back on track.


Food Allergies & Food Sensitivities

I have worked with many clients with food allergies and sensitivities who need to adapt recipes or just figure out what brands of foods they buy fit into their new lifestyle.

Using an elimination diet alone or combined with a MRT (mediator release testing) using a simple blood test to detect nonallergic food sensitivities.  This eliminates the guesswork of complicated and restrictive elimination diets. We use LEAP style reintroduction protocols and truly help individuals reduce foods that cause inflammation and reactions and identify the offending foods.


Diabetes & Cardiovascular Issues

Do you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypertension, CHF, pre-diabetes, or diabetes type 1 or 2?  We have many programs to help reduce your risk of complications and can help get you back on track.

Our 6 Week Reset is a great option for those who want to reset their relationship with food. But of course, we know that a one size does not fit all and will work with you to create a solution that meet your kitchen skills and diatery preferences!


Autoimmune/Inflammatory Issues

Do you have gout, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, osteoarthritis, eczema, or something else you can't seem to figure out?  I'd love to help you learn how to follow a diet that is focused on preventative foods that is designed to reduce inflammation and improve symptoms or many autoimmune diseases.


Metabolic & Hormonal Imbalances

Do you suffer from PCOS, hormomonal acne, food cravings, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, low testosterone, metabolic syndrome, infertility, or weight fluctuations?  Many common issues like this are supported by creating and finding balance in your diet.  We help you learn how to remove processed foods and high sugar items to achieve success through your daily intake to reduce symptoms of these conditions.  We will also focus on total body wellness to ensure that you can improve your sleep, diet, and stress levels!


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