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Create New Habits (That Stick)

Are you tired of trying to hit goals and continue to find failure? We can help you achieve it in 8 simple steps. Just remember that small steps make large changes to create new daily habits. Once you have a new habit, this becomes part of your normal daily routine for lifelong habits.

Step1: Focus on ONE Thing at a Time

Willpower should be focused on one thing at a time, if you take on to many new habits, it can become overwhelming. Ask yourself, what one new habit do you want to form. Once you identify this habit, sit and learn everything you can about the right way to do it. Become an expert and dive in headfirst!

Once you identify this habit, make sure it is something you can do all of the time, will fit into your life, and can be completed daily. Even when you lack the motivation a habit is something that will help you achieve success.

Step 2: COMMIT for at Least 30 Days

Many people believe it takes 21 days to build a habit, and other believe it may take up to 66 days, and this may vary from person to person. During the initial phase of commitment to a new habit, make sure to carve out enough time each day to work through this to create consistency. Some habits take more time and effort, so remember to start and focus on something you know you want to achieve!

Step 3: Use an existing habit and ANCHOR a new one to it

A new habit should not be based on short term motivation, fads or a temporary desire to be better. This new habit should focus on making a new lifelong habit that will stay with your forever. Think about an existing habit you do daily such as brushing your teeth or walking to work from your car. A small habit like adding daily supplements after brushing your teeth in the morning will make it easier to stick. If you want to add more activity in the day, use the walk to work from the parking lot as an opportunity to park far away and get in an extra 5-minute walk. Something as simple as these small progressive actions will help you stan on track!

Step 4: Start SMALL and Progress Incrementally

There is danger if you are relying on motivation along to create a new habit, which means you may not have a backup plan when you are not in the mood. The only way to stick to a new habit is to turn it into an automatic behavior which can be done by incremental changes. Think of the habit begin created with baby steps. Setup small steps which are impossible to fail at and simply add on as you go. Small commitments may look like a 5-minute walk daily, eating 1 serving of vegetables, or getting up 10 minutes earlier to have quiet time for meditation. You can gradually increase these habits to achieve the full goal you hope to attain.

Keeping it simple means you should not fail and these small commitments should make it impossible to miss a day!

Step 5: Plan for CHALLENGES

Stumbling block get in the way of our daily routine. Thinking in advance about what obstacles may come your way and creating a solution to overcome them is critical in long term success. Most of the common obstacles people face are time, pain, weather, space, cost, or simply being self-conscious. Consider “IF” something happens “THEN” you will do a specific action. Think of it this way: If I exercise daily outside and the weather is bad, then I will do a gym or video workout. Another option you may consider is that if you can’t complete a task due to timing, then plan to wake-up early to complete that task.


Telling someone else your goal or habit makes it that much more real. If other’s know about your commitment, people are more likely to follow through with the action. Allowing others to know about your goal helps you stay personally accountable. Updating your progress, having an accountability partner, or posting regular updates to an online community may be the best way to stay on track and get reinforcement from others.

Step 7: REWARD Success and Milestones

New habits do not have to become boring, simply add in a reward system to celebrate the successful milestones you create. Pick a reward that you will enjoy, but try not to celebrate with sugary type foods if you are trying to create a healthy food routine. It is important to have fun and reward yourself for sticking with it. Consider a new pair of shoes, new book, or a massage as a reward for hitting the mini milestones while on the journey to creating new habits!

Step 8: Find the New YOU with a New Identity

Repetition daily will help your success. You can achieve anything by committing to a small action that you master, accomplish daily, and increase the effort overtime while overcoming obstacles. Eventually you need to make this new habit part of your identity, and not just a task you do. This means that you need to believe in yourself and embrace this habit as the new YOU! Most habits are centered around an outcome, and success comes once you realize that you are this habit. A great example of creating a new identity is to become bilingual. It takes practice daily, creating small goals, and creating new habits for a lifelong knowledge. Once you master the language (which comes from daily practice), you can now identify as being bilingual and may truly feel like you fit in when you are able to check more than one box on a new job application.

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