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Persimmons: A Vitamin Packed Tasty Fruit

Persimmons are one of the hottest fruits on the market, and many people have been taking an intersted in them. We may be rounding out the season, but just remember that these are a staple fruit of the cuisines in that many in the asian culture.

What is a persimmon? It's an edible fruit that grows on trees and cam be yellow to a dark-red orange. They may be 3/4 of an inch round or up to 3.5" inches in diameter. Some are round, heart shaped or pumpkin shaped. They are typically sweet, mild and rich in flabor and has a honey like tatse. The texture is usually similar to an aprocot wiith a skin a bit tougher than an apple.

They are full of nutrients like thiamin, riboflavin, folate, mangesium, and phosphorus and don't have any more calories than a medium sized banana. Many people think they are full of phytonutrients, flavonoides, and antioxidants to help boost your health.

These fruits are typically picked when hard and bitter, to prevent critters from chowing down on them. These fruit need to be ripened at room temperature and should be soft to the touch when ready to eat. If you want to speed up the ripening process place them in a paper bag with an apple to give it a dose of ethylene gas.

The Fuyu:

Typically shaped like tomatoes with a bit of tannins, they’re less astringent than their Hachiya counterparts, making them palatable sooner. You can eat and enjoy these while they’re still firm.

The Hachiya:

Typically a pale, heart or acorn-shaped, and astringent. Astringent persimmons contain high levels of soluble tannins—you don’t want to eat these unless they’re ripe and completely softened.

Want a quick recipe to try out featuring your favorite new winter fruits and vegetables?

Persimmon Pomegranate Winter Salad

Serves 1 and top this with a tasty piece of your favorite lean protein to make a complete weeknight meal!

1 Persimmon (small)

1 cup broccoli slaw or other chopped superfood salad blend

1 tablespoon walnut pieces

1 tablespoon goat cheese

1 tbsp olive oil

1/4 lemon, juiced

1 pinch salt and pepper

1/8 of a pomegranate, seeded

  1. Cut persimmon into small pieces (leave skin on if desired or peel skin off for smoother creamer texture).

  2. Toss with superfood greens or broccoli slaw mixture.

  3. Place in bowl and sprinkle with walnuts, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese, salt, and cracked pepper.

  4. Drizzle with olive oil and squeeze fresh lemon juice over top.

  5. Toss to combine and enjoy.

Calories: 332, 6.7 g protein, 33 g carbs, 4 servings fruit, 1 serving vegetables, 22 g fat, 5 g sat fat, 1.5 g fiber, 455 mg sodium

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